What is the Difference between Affirmation and Manifestation?

A lot of people wonder about the difference between affirmation and manifestation. In reality, there is very little difference between them since they are all based on faith. All of these things require a plan, dream, desire, or a plan for a specific thing. And none of these things (affirmation and manifestation) will yield any results if you lack the personal drive to achieve […]

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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Unleash Your True self!

overcoming limiting beliefs in Life

Are you having trouble overcoming limiting beliefs? We all experience limiting beliefs from time to time, such as “I can’t do that”, “I am too old for that”, “I will always be alone”, and so on. However, it becomes a problem when the frequency of these horrible and limiting thoughts increases & you find yourself stuck in negativity. If all you think about are […]

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Seneca Effect: Why You’ll Never Succeed

Seneca Effect

There are some universal patterns that apply to all domains of life… Once you do that, it will allow you to really see and understand the world clearly. One of those universal patterns is the Seneca Effect which has practical applications in business, relationships, wealth, and so on. Since it is a universal pattern, you can also use it to avoid massive pitfalls that […]

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