The Relationship Between Time and Human Beings

Without any doubt, humans are one of the most complex living organisms on the planet earth. In fact, humans were also the first species of sentient nature that inhabited the earth. According to rough estimates, humans have been around for several hundreds of thousands of years.

One particular concept that all humans are familiar with is the concept of time. If you ask me what is the relationship of human beings to time, I would say that it is a tool that allows us to measure the sequence (continued) of existence. Using time, we can measure different seasons, holidays, ages, and so on!

One particular area which forms the relationship between humans and time is one of inevitability, limits, and similarity.

Four Stages of Human Life & A Year

If we divide human life into different stages in terms of time, it would be childhood, adolescence, and peak will be adulthood. From this peak, we enter into old age, and finally, it ends with death!

If we look at the time in terms of one year, you can divide it into 4 seasons: Summer, winter, fall, and spring.

Spring is the time when flowers bloom, and you can compare it with youth and birth. If we look at nature, spring is the time for growing plants and newborn animals.

The summer season represents adolescence due to its freeing weather and warmth. In a sense, we can compare it with the life of a young adult.

You can compare the fall season with adulthood as age increases. There is also a chill in the weather during the fall season, which represents the inevitability of death!

In the end, the winter season comes with can be compared with old age and death. During the winter season, it is very rare for plants to survive, which is just like death.

As you can see, we can express the different stages of human life in terms of different seasons as well! Similarly, the morning brings energy and can be symbolized by youth. The night is when things slow down and is equivalent to old age.

Live Life While You Can

If we look at the grand scheme of things, it becomes clear that humans do not have a lot of time to do the things they want… In fact, their time is very short on this planet which leads us to an idea that dictates: “Live life while you can”!

Based on this idea, a YouTube channel, “UnusAnnus”, was made. To make it mimic our limited time on earth, the channel creators decided to delete all the videos after 1 year. According to them, this signifies that death is inescapable and shouldn’t be a topic that is scary to discuss.

If you really think about it, you will realize that a fixed point in the future is our time of death. So in a sense, it technically exists and the only thing standing between us and death is the time!

A famous book called “10 natural laws of time and life management” is exactly about how one can take control of their life and live it to the fullest. Considering how we all are going to die one day and have limited time, it makes sense to utilize some strategies to make full use of your time on planet earth. If this interests you, feel free to read the “10 natural laws of time and life management” book.

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Laws That Can Affect Time Management

Since we are talking about time, humans, and their interrelationship, it makes sense to also look at the laws which can affect time management.

Parkinson’s Law

According to this law, the available time you have will dictate how long you take to complete a task. Let’s assume that you have one day to cut the grass on the lawn. Now, you will find a way to somehow cut the grass within one day!

But if you are given one week, then you will most definitely take the whole seven days to complete the task which would have been done in a single day! There is something special about deadlines that affect our mentality and how we perceive time.

So by using this law, you can get more done in less time and thus increase your productivity. But the best part is that you will start to use your time more efficiently!

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Carlson’s Law

The man behind this law is Sune Carlson, and it is also known as the Homogenous Sequences Law. According to this law, you can complete a task in one single attempt quicker than doing it in multiple attempts. In other words, work that is continuously interrupted will require more time for the completion. On the other hand, you can complete work quickly when done in a single stretch.

I think this will be very obvious to all of us… We start a task, get interrupted, and the whole cycle repeats again and again. Once you recognize this problem, it means that you are ready to face the problem. The next step in implementing this law is to place some measures so that you can avoid distractions.

The best way to take advantage of Carlson’s law is to start one task and then finish it in one burst rather than multitasking.

Law of Diminishing Returns

The law of diminishing returns is an economic principle, but you can also use it for effective time management. According to this law, you reach a point when the productivity becomes less and less.

If you think about this, this law is the direct contraction of Carlson’s law. But in my opinion, both laws are correct up to a certain extent, and you can use them in combination with each other.

It is important to work on one task continuously to improve productivity. However, one must also know their limit and should stop working to ensure that productivity remains optimal.

So in a sense, work in one single shift for as long as you believe you can do it in a healthy way. Then take a break to ensure that your productivity remains high and you can start fresh again.


The relationship between humans and time is way beyond our imagination. Even when humans didn’t have a perception of time, time still existed anyway! In fact, people still died when their time came, regardless of whether they knew about time or not!

This relationship between humans and time also tells us an important thing… Humans have limited time which tells us that we should optimally use our limited time on earth. For this, you can utilize the laws of time management mentioned above to improve your efficiency and productivity.

If you look at the different laws mentioned above, you will notice that some of them contradict each other. In my opinion, you should incorporate all of them into your time management strategy. This will result in a strategy that brings the best of each law so that you can be more productive, efficient, and alive!

What do you think about the relationship between humans and time? Let us know in the comments!

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