How to Control Your Feelings: Try these Strategies!

Expressing and experiencing different emotions and feelings is an important part of our life. In fact, they play a key role in our daily life by bringing color and joy to our repetitive lives. But when these feelings and emotions start to get out of control, it can significantly reduce the quality of life. And the only way to solve this is by learning how to control your feelings!

If you think about it, emotions are a central piece of our reactions and thus play a key role in our decision-making, self-care, interactions, relationships, and so on. But when these emotions and feelings start to get intense, repetitive, and out of control, it can make life very difficult.

Today, we will look at different ways to manage emotions and feelings – By following these different strategies, you will be able to form positive emotional habits and even learn how to control your feelings!

how to control your feelings

How to Control Your Feelings: Try these Strategies!

Are you ready to form positive emotional habits and learn different ways to manage emotions? Then let’s get started:

1. Counter Negative Thoughts

Have you formed some bad emotional habits in which you continue to have negative thoughts? If this defines you, then you need to stop dwelling on these negative thoughts. But how do you stop these bad feelings and emotions? Your mind is going to fill itself with something, and if you do not give it something positive, it will find something on its own!

So focus on positive thoughts and emotions – This little change in how you think in the brain can totally transform your real life!

So the first method is to simply replace the negative feelings with positive ones… Among all the different ways to manage emotions, focusing on positive thoughts & emotions is the best & most effective one!

2. Take a Deep Breath

We are creatures of habits and thus form certain emotional habits, which can be positive or negative. One certain aspect of how we react to different situations is pretty widespread – We all react to different thoughts, emotions, and feelings right away!

So the next time your feelings or emotions start to get out of control, take a step back and practice deep breathing! Sure, breathing will not make the feeling go away, but it still stops you from reacting to your emotions in any negative way.

Another thing you can add to the deep breathing exercise is a mantra such as “I am good enough”, “Everything will be alright”, “I can do it”, and so on.

3. Engage In Positive Activities

One of the rather bad emotional habits which most of us develop over the years is that we engage in those activities which keep us in a negative state of mind. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your emotions & can’t get the bad thoughts out of your head, then it doesn’t make sense to engage in mindless or non-productive activities.

Examples of some bad emotional habits include listening to sad songs, mindlessly scrolling social media, isolating yourself, or even lashing out at others! So the first thing you should do when you are in a bad mood is not to engage in these activities.

What you should do instead is to form positive emotional habits and thus engage in activities that make you happy such as:

  • Take a walk for a few minutes.
  • Talking to a friend or family member.
  • Meditate for a few minutes.

And so on.

4. Rewire Your Brain

Did you know that you can take advantage of new discoveries in brain science to retrain your brain? There are a lot of benefits of retraining your brain, which can help you control your feelings, establish positive emotional habits, overcome your fears, earn more money, and so on!

Does any of that interest you? Then you should join the “Win The Game of Life” program that can help you retrain your brain and thus control how you feel! And once you get your emotions under control, you will become happier & your quality of life will improve as well!

5. Reframe Your Feelings

Our emotions can shape the perception of events and thus can make it feel a certain way even if it is not based on reality! If you are feeling anxious at work & you get a call from the boss, you might assume the worst and think he wants to fire you.

Now there is a chance that the boss might be calling you to fire you, but that’s just one of the possibilities, and the chances of that happening will be very slim. As you can see, your mind automatically assumes the worse, and until you receive the call from the boss, you will continue to suffer from these negative feelings.

One of the best ways to manage emotions like this is to reframe your thoughts – So when you receive a call from the boss, you need to perceive this event in different light… For example, the boss might be calling to give you a promotion. Maybe the boss wants to get an update about the project you are working on?

Through this technique, you can perceive different events on a positive note and thus limit the negative feelings from even surfacing!


There are a lot of ways to manage emotions, and we have listed some of them on this page. If you are new to all of this, then you should try all these tips one by one to get an idea of which one works best for you.

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