About Me

If we had run into each other 10 years ago you might have found me to be upbeat, animated, a little loud and kind of funny. But if you had been able to crawl inside my head, you would have witnessed mass confusion.

Although I’m reasonably smart, I was not mentally present most of the time. I lived in my mind focused on the thoughts and images more than what was physically happening around me.

I was moody. My attitude swung between “I can do anything!” to “What’s the point, it’s hopeless”. In general, I was mostly confused and certain everyone else had been given a “life instruction manual”.

Building the Self Awareness Website

I dug deep into my beliefs and realized a large part of who I was, was NOT created by me. My belief system was formed by my parents, ethnicity, economics, religion, teachers, friends, my time in history and location on this planet. All these people, circumstances and institutions poured beliefs into my young mind. Some spoken directly to me, most driven home by example.

I began the long process of re-making myself. I was astounded at what a positive (and practical) difference changing them made. Over time my life got better. After so many years of anxiety and depression, I was finally making some headway. Something the self-help books never provided.

I wanted to share what I had learned from all my soul searching and re-construction. This website is the result.