Law of Assumption – Everything You Need to Know About!

Neville Goddard is the man who first introduced the law of assumption to the public. He also explained in great detail how to use it for the manifestation of your inner desires. When people see the word ‘law’ in the ‘law of assumption’, a lot of people automatically assume that it has something to do with the law court. In reality, it is more of spiritual law or a principle of pseudoscience based on Neville Goddard’s teaching.

Neville Goddard was a famous American author and philosopher who was born on 19 February 1905. After living for almost 67 years, he died on 1 October 1972 in California… Although he authored many books, it was the Neville Goddard law of assumption that earned him the most fame.

What is The Law of Assumption?

The law of assumption states that when one achieves a state of mind in which all of their wishes, desires, and aspirations are fulfilled, it starts to manifest in real life as well. In short, one assumes that they have achieved all of their goals and desires – In return, the result of that assumption starts to appear in real life.

According to Neville Goddard law of assumption, achieving your goals and desires has a lot to do with your state of mind. Although the action is important, having the right state of mind is equally important as well.

An important part of this law is that one should not just stop at the assumption that their goals have been fulfilled. To get the full effects, one must believe that they have manifested it already!

The Law of Assumption – How It Works?

Now that we understand what the law of assumption is, let’s look at some of the things that you should practise to ensure the manifestation:

Clear State Of Mind

The first thing to do is clear your mind of any self-limiting or worrying thoughts. When you start to have self-limiting and negative thoughts, it can block your view just like smoke and will even make you wonder whether you really deserve good things or not. As a result, you may have trouble with the manifestation of your goals due to this state of mind.

You need to understand that everyone, including you, deserves blessings despite their physical flaws. Once you keep this in mind and clear your mind, you can move to the next step.

Be Positive

You must have a positive state of mind which is free from any negative energy and negative beliefs. If you have been stuck with negative thoughts for a long time, then it may take you a while to switch to a positive state of mind.

To achieve this state of mind, start replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones. Another way to achieve a positive state of mind is through meditation and yoga.

Be Specific

What do you want? You need to be specific about your purpose for the law of assumption to work! The reason why being specific is so important is that it can help you avoid any conflicting assumptions later down the road.

In fact, having conflicting assumptions can make you double-minded, and you may lose sight of the end goal. For example, if your end goal is the law of attraction love, then you need to be specific about what type of partner you want or what type of love you want.

Feel The Emotions

The main focus behind the law of assumption is that one must assume that their goals and needs have been realized already. In fact, go ahead and also feel all the emotions that come from the fulfilment of these goals!


The last part is this equation is belief! For the law of assumption to work, you must believe with your heart that your assumptions and goals have been achieved.

If you start to entertain fears and second thoughts, it could limit or stop the manifestation. Even if your desires seem too big or difficult, do not allow any room for fears or doubts.

To make this process easier, you can also create a set of positive affirmations and then repeat them throughout the day to achieve a positive mind that is ideal for manifestation.

Law of Assumption – Examples

You can use the Law of assumption for the manifestation of pretty much everything, which means it is so unique and powerful. We have listed some of the example scenarios in which you can use the law of assumption:

Law of Assumption Love

For this specific purpose, you can follow all the steps mentioned above but just change them according to your needs. To get started, assume that you are already loved by the person you are interested in. In fact, even go as far as to believe that all the required qualities that you want in a relationship are already part of your life.

A lot of people make the mistake in which they make a specific person the center of manifestation. In reality, they need to make themselves the center of manifestation to make it work!

Law of Assumption Money

If your desire is wealth, then you can also use the law of assumption by believing that you already have the money. Think of how money has changed your financial situation and how good it makes you feel.

When it comes to the law of assumption, going further with assumptions and attempting to feel the emotions is very important and can yield better results!

Law of Assumption vs Law of Attraction

The law of attraction and law of assumption is kind of similar since they both focus on creating a mindset to achieve your goals. In the law of assumption, one assumes that their goals are already achieved so that they can be manifested in real life.

In the law of attraction, the basic idea is that you attract who you are! If your thoughts are positive, then you will attract positive energy. But if your mindset is negative, then you will attract negativity towards yourself!

To get an idea of both laws, you can give some time to each of them and figure out what works best for you!

Another important thing to remember is action… A lot of people only focus on the assumption and the mindset part, which is important without any doubt. However, let’s not forget that action is also important and is an integral part of both laws.

While you work on the mindset and the thoughts, also make sure that you are taking action on the real ground to achieve your goals.

When the hard work and the law of attraction/assumption combine, you get one step closer to actual results!

Secrets Behind Law of Assumption

What’s the secret behind the law of assumption? According to experts, there are a lot of things which make the magic happen. We have listed some of them below:


The first phenomenon is vibration, which is basically a by-product of energy. According to the belief, all types of energy can result in vibration. When two or more objects vibrate and have matching frequencies, it results in matching energy levels.

You can think of your assumptions as if it is a radio station. To find a specific radio station, you need to tune the FM player so that it matches the vibrational frequency of the station. Just like that, you need to match the frequency in your brain to the goals that you want to achieve.

Once the frequency matches, it will lead to matching energy, and then the magic will happen!


Earlier, we talked about vibration, which is basically a by-product of energy. So now, let’s talk about energy and its role in the law of assumption!

Everything you see around yourself has some form of energy. Now, that’s another debate on whether we can detect that energy or not. For example, love is an emotion and has energy.

We all know that energy is something that you cannot destroy or create… But it can be changed from one form to another.

Based on this theory, we can safely say that assumptions do not create new energy. Instead, your assumptions just help you to manifest a thing or a person that already exists!

Basically, the whole idea of this law is matching your mind energy with the energy of what you want! And to reach there, you need to rely on your assumptions!

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