What is the Difference between Affirmation and Manifestation?

A lot of people wonder about the difference between affirmation and manifestation. In reality, there is very little difference between them since they are all based on faith. All of these things require a plan, dream, desire, or a plan for a specific thing. And none of these things (affirmation and manifestation) will yield any results if you lack the personal drive to achieve them!

It is a combination of your will and effort that can help you to achieve the life of your dream through the law of attraction. Although your will is important, it is only a part of the equation – When we talk about personal drive, it is a combination of both will and effort that can help you yield results.

Today, we will look at affirmation vs manifestation along with various other concepts such as visualization, intentions, and so on.


An intention is an act of mentally determining to do some action or achieve some sort of result.

Throughout the day and night, we continue to make intentions. For example, a lot of us intend to wake up in the early morning. During the process of this intention, we develop a thought in our head consisting of the desired results. In the end, we move towards a plan and physical action that will help us achieve our intentions. For example, you can set the alarm at 5 AM the morning instead of 8 or 9 AM.

As you can see, it was the intention which led us to reach the desired outcome! In other words, it was the energy and the power of intention which helped us reach the goal of waking up early!

That’s why experts recommend that one should set positive intentions on a daily basis – This will, in turn, help you to create the life of your dreams!

Some of the examples of intentions are:

  • Today, I will complete the task with full determination.
  • I will go to the gym starting today!
  • I will take some time out to meet with my old friends.

Intentions are the first step towards achieving goals or doing things that can have a positive impact on life. The next thing after the intention is the thoughts which compromise the feelings and what you need to do to achieve your goals. In the end, the intention is completed by doing physical action towards the goal.


Affirmation is a declaration that something is true and it exists. For example, it is an affirmation that the sky above us is true and actually exists. If you say this to anyone, they would believe it right away!

An affirmation is something that has no space for any negative and is always positive and true. That’s why when you make affirmations that are related to yourself, you are doing so with the same belief and force as if you are talking about the sky.

You should also keep in mind that the affirmations must be positive and not in a negative tone. Instead of saying something like “I am not afraid of heights”, your affirmation must be positive such as “I embrace the heights”. When you change the tone of your affirmations, it will increase in power and intensity.

Affirmations work best when you say them out loud! For example, stand in front of a mirror and loudly repeat your positive affirmation. This will amplify the affirmations and will even improve their power. Another thing to remember is that you should take a moment and align yourself with the true meaning & purpose behind the affirmations.

Also, remember that your feelings must be in line with your affirmations. If you say “I am strong”, but you are feeling weak from the inside, it will dampen the effects of the affirmations.

If we talk about the applications of affirmations, you can use them for anything you can imagine. For example, love affirmations are about self-love or finding the love of your life. Similarly, wealth affirmations can help you generate and grow wealth.


Manifestation can be an object, action, or event that clearly shows something (real or theoretical) with concrete evidence.

When we talk about manifestation, it is actually the end result of a combination of clear intent along with clear visualization of your goals or dreams.

Manifestation Example: You think of the exact outfit you are going to wear at your brother’s birthday party. In fact, you even fill in all the missing details such as the exact design, color, and even the fact that you will find it before the — day at — price. To get the best results, you can write all of them down on a piece of paper and then place it somewhere prominent.

Once you have done that process, you are sending a signal to yourself that you need this. And once your brain is in line with what you want, there’s a good chance that you will be automatically drawn to the things and places which can help you achieve your goals!

Manifestation holds a centerpiece in a lot of things such as the law of attraction and even the law of visualization. Another thing to remember is that you may not get the same end result that you had originally envisioned and it is okay as long as you get something that’s very close.

You can think of manifestation as a magnet through which you can attract other stuff towards you! If you look at a magnet, you will notice that it attracts other magnets and metallic parts toward it. And that’s the basic idea behind manifestation as well!


What is visualization? It simply refers to the act of imagining a scenario, object, or any other thing. This is something that we all do every single day… You sit on the couch and visualize yourself surfing the sea on a private yacht! Considering how every person is different, the things they visualize can be different as well.

According to many people, there is great power in visualization as well and can help one achieve their dreams. When it comes to visualization, remember not to visualize negative events or objects that can cloud your mind with negativity.

Best Way to Visualize

The best way to visualize is to find a quiet place and then close your eyes. Now visualize (imagine) the experience, event, thing, or dream with as much detail as you can.

Visualize the emotions, smells, tastes, sounds, feelings, environment, lights, people involved, and so on. Basically, help your mind so that it can start to believe that visualization is truth.

Various studies have shown that the human mind cannot tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagination. According to experts, that’s exactly the fact which makes visualization so powerful!

When you visualize, your body also starts to believe what the brain envisioned. Once this happens, the next step is your brain will send out vibrations to make it happen.

Guang Yue (a famous exercise psychologist) conducted a study in which he compared people who visualized workouts with the people who actually went to the gym. The people who visualized workout only did so in their heads without any weights!

The results were actually incredible – People who visualized the gym workout reported a muscle increase of 13.5%! On the other hand, people who actually did the physical workout reported a 30% muscle increase. This tells us that although visualization holds a lot of power, it becomes more potent when combined with the appropriate action!

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