9 Signs Which Shows You Are More Strong Than What Other Thinks!

We never know how strong we are or about our limits until we are tested. In a sense, we never truly realize the true potential of our skills and personality! It is only through tough times that our true strength appears and shows our true colors. Despite being strong, most of us stay in the vicious cycle of selling ourselves short or thinking that we are weak.

A lot of us continue to think negative thoughts every single day… We believe we are not smart enough, or we screw things up. Then there are people who believe they quit everything or they are failing at job interviews… In situations like this, all one needs is a little reminder of our true strength.

I mean, if you just look at the past, you will see that you have come so far & faced very difficult situations. Who was the person who managed to go through all the hard times? It was you who told us that you are indeed strong and not weak!

9 Signs You Are Stronger Than You Think

Today, we will look at 9 signs which can show you are stronger than others or even than what you think! Using these signs, you can learn to never give up and believe in yourself. So let’s get started:

1. You Are Patient

If you are a patient person, then it is a clear sign of your strength! Among all the emotions, patience is the one which allows one to control their mind. In fact, it is patience which allows one to draft a response against outside events.

Being patient isn’t just a personality type… Instead, it is a sign of true mental toughness and real strength!

2. You Work on Improving Your Weaknesses

If you don’t know your weaknesses, then you can’t even begin to correct them in the first place! But if you are someone who knows their weakness and actively work on correcting them, you are strong!

It is not a sign that you are not strong if you are dealing with social anxiety, depression, or even perfectionism… What makes you strong is to know of these weaknesses and actively work towards rectifying them!

3. You Are Self-aware

If you are a conscious and self-aware person, then that’s another sign of your true strength! Most people are not conscious enough to know about their true weaknesses.

Being self-aware means that you meditate, keep a journal, and are introspective. Furthermore, if you have a rich inner world, this means that you will be better able to control your emotions. One of the things which can overwhelm anyone is emotions. So if you are self-aware and have your emotions in control, you are strong!

4. Failure Does Not Make You Afraid

We all want success all the time, but to be honest, it doesn’t work like that. In life, you will experience your own share of failures, and that’s a fact. What really matters is not to be afraid of failure and to think of it as part of life.

So if you are someone who is not afraid of failure, then that’s another sign of your strength. People who are not afraid of failure are the ones who get back up to try again and again! If you look at any major invention, you will notice a series of consecutive failures!

In fact, if you look at the failure stories of entrepreneurs, you will notice that they all went through hard times. So if you are not afraid of failure that means you are strong!

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5. You Care Less About What Others Think

Do you care less about what others think? If this defines you, then that’s a sign that others can’t dictate your actions. In fact, this means that you belong to a small fraction of human beings!

That’s another sign which tells that you are stronger than others or even than what you think. All you need to do is never give up and believe in yourself – That’s the recipe for success right here!

Others’ opinions of you do not matter at all… What really matters are the unique qualities and your own perception of self!

Going forward, make it a mission to always express your true & authentic self. When you do something like this, it means that you are not afraid of criticism, and you are indeed strong!

6. You Do Not View Vulnerability as Weakness

One of the greatest misconceptions is thinking that vulnerability is a sign of weakness. In reality, vulnerability is a sign of strength as the person admits their imperfection.

We all have some imperfections, whether they are visible or not. But those of us who are willing to admit these imperfections are the ones who are truly strong! According to experts, such people are also happier with life as they accept their vulnerabilities instead of hiding or shying away from them.

7. You Let Go of Grudges

People who are known to hold grudges for a long period of time usually have low self-worth. Such a person thinks that they are being attacked and thus mount up defenses to protect their sanity.

However, a strong person has the willingness to let go of grudges. I once heard that you do not forgive others – It is something that you do for yourself. Once you let go of things, it brings a sense of calm, strength, and wisdom! If you look around, you will notice that all the big people had the extraordinary ability to forgive and let go of grudges.

When you hold grudges, you get stuck in the past and, in fact, become a prisoner of that thought or feeling. So when you let go of grudges, you are actually freeing yourself from that mental prison!

So if you are someone who doesn’t hold grudges for a long period of time, this is one of the signs you are stronger than you think!

8. You Can Handle Criticism

There is no one who enjoys criticism… In fact, most of us do not like criticism, and that’s perfectly normal. However, one of the signs you are stronger than you think is the handling of criticism.

A strong person will not react to criticism in a defensive way and will have a thick skin. So if you are someone who doesn’t get stuck in the heart when faced with criticism, then you are strong!

If we look at why people criticize, it is mostly due to their own insecurities. In fact, what they are saying is simply not true most of the time! So a strong person knows about this, and that’s why they stick to their own truth.

9. You Take Action

Apathy and laziness are some of the greatest diseases a human can encounter! An average person can get plagued by these two diseases, and then it will stay with them till their death!

Sure, it takes a lot of pain and courage to step out of your comfort zone, but that’s the only way to beat laziness and apathy!

So if you are someone who takes action now instead of being lazy, then you are a strong person!

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