How To Use Law of Attraction For Making New Friends

Do you think that the law of attraction only works for wealth? Well, it can be applied for making friends and even relationships as well. Today, we will look at the law of attraction of friends and what you need to do to make it happen.

The law of attraction was first introduced in a book known as “The Secret,” and from there, it became a worldwide phenomenon. The law of attraction states that positive thoughts can lead to positive results in real life – Based on this law, it seems that one can achieve their goals by just thinking positively. And the best part is that you can apply it to anything, such as wealth, relationships, and even happiness!

Attracting Friends: Law of Attraction

Are you wondering how does attract friends law of attraction works? Well, we have divided it into 5 easy to follow steps for you:

1. Determine What Type of Friend You Want

It is human nature to want abundance and panic when we do not have it… If we talk about friends, it is not the quantity that matters but the quality of friendship! In reality, just having one or two true friends is more than enough!

If you look around, you may see a lot of people complain about how their friends do not show up when they need something. These people also feel lonely since they are surrounded by strangers who are pretending to be their friends.

So the first step in the law of attraction relationships is to sit somewhere quiet and imagine what type of friend you really want. Once you have imagined what type of friend you want, move on to visualize it and make a complete picture in your mind.

To make it better, you need to go into specifics such as what your friend should look like, where he lives, hobbies, and so on.

For example, if you want a friend who cracks funny jokes, then imagine a funny person and go into details about how he dresses, his lifestyle, what he likes, and so on.

When attracting friends with the law of attraction, you need to remember that “like attracts like”! So if you want a relaxed friend, then you need to be a relaxed person yourself!

2. Getting Ready For a New Friend

The 2nd step is to get ready to receive a new friend in your life who shares your highs, lows, likes, goals, and knows what you dislike as well! But before that, you need to prepare yourself and get ready for a new friend!

But how can one get ready to receive a new friend? Start by opening up your life, such as setting aside some time as “friend time” during which you will talk or hang out with the friend.

Also, what would happen if your friend visited your home at a moment’s notice? To get ready, stock up on some coffee, tea, and biscuits. In fact, create a space where both of you can relax and chill!

I know it sounds a little crazy to make, so make arrangements for someone who doesn’t even exist yet. But that’s the whole idea of the “law of attraction,” in which you have to imagine and think about the things you want to attract.

3. Show You Are Ready To Receive

Just making preparations mentioned in step#2 shows that you are willing and ready to receive a new friend. But you can also do many other things to show that you are ready to receive a new friend, such as meditation, visualization, and so on. Imagine all the places you could visit with your friend and all the fun you are going to have together.

A popular method to show that you are ready to receive is by creating a vision board – It can be used as a visual representation of what’s coming in your life. You can follow this method by using a notepad or a scrapbook – Add photographs of different places you want to visit, list all the food you want to eat with a new friend, and so on.

4. Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are also another part when it comes to the law of attraction for friends and relationships. You can start by choosing a couple of positive affirmations and then repeat them throughout the day.

For example:

  • I will make new friends easily.
  • I am open to making new friends.
  • My friend’s circle is growing bigger every day.
  • My friends bring joy to my life.

And so on…

You can pick one positive affirmation for the day and keep repeating it whenever you feel like it. Once again, you need to be ready if you are presented with an opportunity to make a new friend of your dream – If you are indeed presented an opportunity, and you decide to run away or turn your back on it, then this whole system will not work.

5. Gratitude

Last but not least, do not forget that gratitude is also an important piece of attracting a new friend or making a new relationship.

To receive something new, you first need to be grateful for everything in your life, such as who you are, your current friends, your lifestyle, and so on. Do you get a chance to drink coffee in the morning? That’s also something that you can be grateful for!


The basic idea of the law of attraction is to help you leave a negative state of mind and enter a positive one. Once you have done that, your mind will be free from limiting thoughts and beliefs – And this, in turn, will help you see new opportunities and ways to achieve your dreams. Let’s not forget that when you are happy and in a good state of mind, it also improves your decision-making.

And once you are presented an opportunity to make a new friend of your choice, you should embrace that opportunity with open arms! Because if you fail at this last step, then there will be no point in doing all of that work from the beginning!

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