Change Your Reality by Changing Your Frequency!

Have you heard people talking about vibrations or frequencies in their lives? You may also have heard them talk about using manifestation to get the things they want in their life. All of these terms go hand in hand with each other.

To understand frequency, you can think of the radio on your mobile phone. You usually need to set a specific frequency to listen to the radio station. In other words, you changed the frequency to start listening to the radio station. Using the same principle, one can also change their reality by changing the frequency! According to this philosophy, frequency creates thoughts, and thoughts create matter.

Humans Are Made of Energy

Just like all the things present in this world, humans are also made of energy. And whenever we talk about energy, there will be frequency as well. According to experts, humans also vibrate at their own frequency. Through this frequency, we can receive and send energy throughout the day.

Although we all have our own vibrations, we do not know much about them since we didn’t even try to learn them. Those of us who know how to change your frequency to change your reality can benefit a lot in life!

Another thing most people do not know is that we can control our energy and in turn, control our frequency! And even if you do not know about manifestation, you are still making things happen… It is just that you are doing it subconsciously!

As long as you are happy with the way things are, then that’s all that matters! But if you are not happy, then you need to learn how to change your frequency to change your reality! You can also look at the law of assumption to make things happen in life!

Another thing to remember is that getting upset with the way things are will not change anything! To make the change happen, you will also have to do some work on your part!

Changing Your Frequency

Through your vibrations, you send and receive signals from the world. So in a sense, we can say that changing your frequency starts from the inside.

It is your frequency which decides to show up around you. Similarly, you also decide what you are putting out there in the world!

One thing we all want is to feel at peace and happier. But even tiny actions in our life can lead us away from goals like these!

However, with small shifts in your life, you can bring big changes, and most of them involve changing your frequency. But how can one do that? We will explore that today!

How To Change Your Frequency To Change Your Reality

Let’s look at different methods through which you can change your frequency. This will, in turn, change your reality!

1. Mind Training Program

The first method on our list the NeuroGym’s mind training program, which can help you achieve a lot of things in life. Be it changing frequency or weight loss or wealth generation, or even manifestation, you can do it all through the NeuroGym programs. For more information, click here to get started.

2. Choose Happy Thoughts

By default, all the events in our life are neutral. However, it is our reactions that dictate or give meaning to these events!

This world of ours can be as unloving and harsh as we allow it to be. If a negative event happens in the past, it can get difficult to let it go or move beyond it. This, in turn, creates a spiral of downward negativity, which can even engulf your whole life! In this scenario, it was our choice to stay in that negative mindset as if that negative event was continuously happening. In reality, it happened and passed away!

So in a sense, it was our choice to stick with that negative, though! On the other hand, when you decide to stick with happy thoughts, it can make life-loving and good!

In the start, it will be difficult to make a habit like this… But humans are creatures of habit, and as such, it is possible to make new neural connections! So once you make it a habit not to go on the negativity highway and instead choose the good thoughts, you will change your frequency!

3. Be Mindful

The 3rd method to change your frequency is by being mindful! It can be as simple as being aware of your mood as you go through the day. If you ever feel like something is dragging you down or negative thought is creeping, then let go of it!

As long as you are mindful of what’s happening, you can easily solve problems or drive out negative thoughts.

If even the smallest of things set you off, then that’s a sign that there is a bigger issue lying below the surface. Once again, being mindful allows you to deal with these problems right away!

Being mindful is one of the easiest ways to change your frequency to a positive one. It is just like that security guard in the shopping mall – He only allows the good guys to enter the building. On the other hand, bad actors are stopped at the gates and are not allowed entrance!

Similarly, when you watch what’s going on in your brain and mood, you can change your frequency as well!

4. Limit Caffeine

A lot of us rely on caffeine to get through the morning laziness or just to get a boost. However, this wake-up jolt from the caffeine comes with a hefty price tag… It leads to a spike in your heart rate, which in turn increases your aggression.

So if you find yourself freaking out during the mornings, then that can be traced back to your intake of caffeine.

Another easy way to ensure that you can manage your frequency is by limiting your caffeine intake.

5. Regulate Your Media Consumption

It can get difficult to regulate your media consumption in this modern age. Back in the day, the mediums were very limited such as radio, TV, or newspaper. These days, the rise of tech devices means you can waste hours upon hours on useless stuff!

On the one hand, it wastes time which could have been used for something positive. On top of that, it brings a range of negative emotions, one of which is anger! Another problem is that one starts to compare their life to what they see on TV!

As a result, it may feel like you are a failure or not up to the standard! So by just cutting down on your usage of TV, mobile, and other devices, you can change your frequency as well!

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