How to do Manifestation For Anything!

New Year’s Eve brings a lot of things with it… Such as fresh motivation, vibes of a clean slate, hopefulness, and so on. It is also the same time when you start to hear the word “manifest” from every other person. Whether it is a friend or a favorite influencer, there’s a good chance that you heard this word a lot!

 So what is a manifestation? And what does it have to do with achieving your goals in business, health, and even your relationships? Simply put, it is a thinking technique about what you want so that it one day turns into a reality.

Example of Manifestation

For example, let’s say that you want to be a millionaire. So you start by thinking that you are already a millionaire in your mind… Focus on how good it feels and all the things you can do now with financial independence. The key to manifestation is that you actually start to believe that your goals are already met.

According to the people who believe in manifestation, this thing really works. I know this would lead many people to actually roll their eyes as if something like that could actually work.

But if you look around, you will see many success stories where people achieve their goals and dreams through manifestation.

True Meaning of Manifestation

But according to Kiki Ramsey (A famous author and a PhD), it is a misconception that you only have to think for the manifestation to work. According to her and many other experts, manifestation is a lot more than wishful thinking! To make the manifestation truly work for you, you also need to actively work hard towards your goal!

So, in a nutshell, positive thinking and actually doing the work to achieve your goals is what manifestation is all about! But you also need to remember that manifesting works if you train your brain… So to truly reap the benefits of manifestation, you need to train your brain first while also actively working to reach your goals and dreams.

So how can you train your brain to reap the full benefits of manifestation? You need to join a positive thinking program such as the one offered by John Assaraf (Founder of Neurogym). So if you truly want change, then train your mind to think positively!

Manifestation – How It Works?

The first thing manifestation does is that it changes your thoughts and beliefs, and that’s just the start. When we continue to focus on thoughts of optimism and positivity, our brain starts to align itself with what we are telling others and especially ourselves.

When you start to feel optimistic about achieving your dreams and goals, you start to propel yourself towards them!

So in a sense, the first step of manifestation is making a habit of positive thinking in which you say things like “Yes, I will” and “Yes, I can.” This pushes your subconscious brain to start thinking the same, and in the end, it leads to actual action.

Overall, it is all about entering into an uplifting and positive mindset that takes over your whole life. As a result, you start to work towards your goal on a conscious and subconscious level! To achieve a mindset like that, there is various positive thinking program such as the ones offered by John Assaraf. For more information, click here.

Different Steps of Manifestation

Earlier, we told you that manifesting works if your train your brain, and you also have to do the hard work. Now, let’s look at the different steps involved in the process of manifestation that can help you reach your goals and dreams:

Define Your Dreams/Goals

The first step is that you need to define your dreams, and you’re when we talk about defining your goals, you need to be very specific about what you really want.

If you are still not sure about what you want, then you can’t even start the process of manifestation! So the first step is to define what you really want… Do you want more money, a new friend, a new job, or success in your new business that start by writing down all the things you want for the next few “months/years and so on”.

Make a Vision Board

The 2nd step is to imagine that you have already accomplished your goals. You can do that by a process which is also known as making a vision board. This can be a collection of inspiring quotes or a collection of images.

To make a vision board, you may have to dig through a lot of websites and magazines to find words and pictures that relate to your goal. It can even include similar past achievements of yourself or your photos!

Basically, you have to try and make a visual representation of things you want to achieve. In a way, you create something that is outside of your mind and can see clearly. Now that thing will continue to remind you of your dreams and help you stay focused!

Develop Positive Mantras

The 3rd step is to come up with affirmations and intentions that you can turn into a mantra. You can then repeat these mantras throughout your day to keep thinking positively!

For example, the first thing you can say in the morning is, “I will have a good day today!”. When you say something positive instead of saying I feel crappy and I will not have a good day, it can lead to better decision making, better mood, and even more energy!

Simply put, mantras are words that you can repeat throughout the day and will help you stay positive and optimistic about your goals.

Visual Meditation

At this step, you need to spend some time and imagine your future self where you have already accomplished your goals. According to a study, just imagining yourself completing a gym workout before actually doing it can result in 35% more strength!

When we talk about visual meditation, just setting aside a couple of minutes every day is more than enough. Simply close your eyes and try to imagine your future self with all the goals and dreams already achieved. Go even deeper by trying to mimic how good it feels to finally have that thing or that person in your life!


While you work towards what you want, let’s not lose sight of all the things you already have! According to experts, gratitude is an important part of the manifestation and can lead to greater abundance. In other words, it allows you to look at parts of your life or things that you have already managed to manifest!

Once again, you need to remember that manifesting works if your train your brain. And a good positive thinking program can actually help you refine that process easily!


In the end, let’s not forget that manifestation is a process but not a magic pill! It can help you enter into a state of positive thinking that, in turn, spills into other parts of your life and results in tangible action. As long as you believe that you can achieve your goals and dreams while also working towards them, you can see great results!

Hard work alone is important, but it is just a part of the equation… When you use the manifestation to also train your subconscious mind for positivity, you compete for the equation! This can lead to improved decision-making, more energy, better results, and can even make you feel happy!

Another thing to remember is that manifestation can be used for pretty much everything… From tangible items such as money or a car to a new friend and so on… As long as you can think positively and do hard work towards a goal, then you can use the process of manifestation!

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