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How to Use Law of Attraction to Find Love?

law-of-attraction-loveLove is possibly one of the most precious experiences one can have in his or her life. However, finding love has always been a difficult job. If you are wondering how to find real love easily, we would be suggesting that you should use the law of attraction. The law of attraction love affirms that everything we get attracted to has a direct link with our energies and thoughts. This means that we are the ones responsible for attracting the person we love toward our lives. As a result, it’s quite obvious that a person, who is living in doubt, anger, loneliness, and negativity in general, will find it almost impossible to attract love, the most positive and beautiful thing in the world. So, to find love, you will have to change yourself. The law of attraction will need you to do the following things for finding love.

For receiving, you’ll have to start believing

law-of-attraction-love-relationship-with-yourselfWhen discussing about different factors leading to true love, the Program Brain-a-Thon stresses on this one most. According to the book, which happens to be a highly effective course on personal development, the very first step of finding love is developing the belief that you deserve love. You might think that it’s not a very difficult job, but the truth is a bit different. Ask yourself whether you actually feel that you are worthy of being loved. The answer you get might be a negative one; in fact, for most people struggling to find love the answer to the above question turns out to be negative. Often the doubts we have on ourselves are the main factors responsible for stopping us from getting love. So, if you find yourself doubting your chance or worth of being loved, try to answer the following questions:

  1. What exactly I doubt? (A possible answer to this question would be “my chances of finding or getting love”.)
  2. Has any other person like me found love? (One example of an answer to this question is “yes”.)
  3. How frequently people like me have found love all these years? (A possible answer would be “every other second”.)

The answers would automatically boost your confidence and make you feel that you are definitely worthy of finding love.

Love yourself 

law-of-attraction-love-manifestation-miracleThis might sound like an absolute cliché, but it’s very much true that finding love will never be possible for you if you don’t love yourself. When people struggle to unburden themselves of the massive, but invisible baggage gathered from past experiences or previous relationships, they are actually diminishing their chances of finding real love. This, in turn, stops them from being happy again. To learn to love yourself, you’ll have to begin by releasing the leftover feelings of negativity and guilt that you are possibly still harboring from one or more previous relationships of yours. The easiest ways of doing this are learning positive interpretation and developing the skill of letting go. Are you one of those, who keep having thoughts like, “my previous partner cheated me badly, and I don’t want to experience any such thing again”? Such thoughts will never do anything good to you; they are resistant thoughts and might end up attracting relationships that you don’t need in your life. That’s because when we think of something constantly, we tend to get attracted to it eventually. So, one of the most important principles of using the law of attraction love is getting rid of all such thoughts. The next thing you must do after eliminating those negative thoughts is encouraging thoughts like, “Now that I have got rid of the sorrows of the past, I have the opportunity of attracting someone new, more loving, and loyal into my life.” This positive spin would automatically attract you towards a person who will give you true love.

Ask yourself what exactly you are looking for 

Ask yourself how your partner should be or what kind of qualities he or she should possess. You should have a clear idea about what you want. Ask yourself in detail; don’t be superficial with your answers. For example, don’t be satisfied with answers like, “he or she should be gorgeous and must have a good sense of humor.” Ask yourself, whether it would be okay if the person in your life is good looking, but doesn’t know the exact meaning of love. The answer would obviously be “no”. In short, what you are looking for is real love; so, according to the law of attraction love, your focus should primarily be on finding individuals who know what love is all about.

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    I want your suggestion ,
    My best friend ignores me suddenly behave like an stranger like she dont know me, 1 month ago she talk to me regularly hang with me all day we go for date watching movies , spending time with me their are no reason to ignore me she knows from very first day that i love her as s friend i want her back i doubt know she ignoring me.

  • as much as possible I am trying not to limit the Universe, yet, I am aware that we can totally manifest any specific person if we wanted to.

  • Thank you for sharing! Many of these resonate in a way that others haven’t for me in the past. Thanks again

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