Law of Attraction Meditation

Meditate Your Way to Manifestation

Since you’re here looking to improve your success at implementing the Law of Attraction, you probably already know what this law is. Using the Law of Attraction is directly manifesting your desires by shifting the vibrational frequency of your thoughts and body so that you can receive the abundance you’re envisioning. Using a Law of Attraction meditation to intentionally manifest your dreams will kick this law into action. Before I discuss how to do this, let’s get any roadblocks to success out of the way.

Why People Think the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work
Many people are confused when they’ve made vision boards and have thought a lot about what they want, but don’t see the results. This is because positive thinking is only one part of using the Law of Attraction for your benefit. Your conscious mind sends the Universe very little information compared to your subconscious mind. If your subconscious is holding on to self-defeating beliefs and doubts that oppose what you desire, you’re also manifesting those unconscious thoughts!

The Law of Attraction Is Always at Work
Like it or not, the Law of Attraction never quits. Your thoughts, actions, and emotions are frequencies the Universe is constantly interpreting. From this perspective, what you think, do, and feel is what you get. If you’re sending signals of worry about your job security or not paying your bills, you’re going to keep getting those emotions unless YOU do something to change them. “The Secret” taught us that even if we don’t know where the money for the electric bill will come from, we have to know that it will come.

So, we don’t actually attract what we want, but what we are. What we consciously and subconsciously believe about ourselves will ultimately be what we see in the concrete world.

Meditate to Manifest

Manifesting your dreams will happen much faster and be more likely if you regularly meditate. Consciously using the Law of Attraction and meditation go hand in hand because they both work to clear away the negative junk fogging your mind. Visualizations always make for powerful meditations, and are a large part of consciously making the Law of Attraction work for you.

Also remember, it isn’t enough to just think about what you want to see in your life. You have to FEEL it. The strongest and most frequent emotions are the ones that ultimately become reality. These are the emotions you believe about yourself and your life. So when you’re visualizing, make sure you’re feeling as much as you’re seeing.

Law of Attraction Meditation

First, get into a meditative state before visualizing anything. Relax your body and quiet your mind. You may already have preferred meditation techniques, but if not, here are a few simple steps:

Breathe into a relaxed state :
1. Close your eyes, and sit or lie comfortably. Focus on your breathe.
2. Take slow, deep breathes through your nose. Inhale into your stomach so that expands, and exhale so that it deflates. This is the correct way to breathe. At this point, many people realize they’ve been breathing backwards.
3. Chanting a mantra, such as Om, will help focus your mind so intrusive thoughts don’t distract you.
4. If thoughts start to creep in (and they will), simply chant Om, or say “clear” to clear your mind of thought. Be kind to yourself. Don’t become angry or upset when thoughts begin to emerge; this will only make you more tense, and is unfair to your-self. How often do you meditate? You can’t expect to be a pro!
5. Once you feel you’ve reached a relaxed state, count your breaths backwards from 10. Then you can begin the visualization.

Law of attraction visualization :
1. Allow your breathing to find its natural rhythm. Continue to breathe through your nose, inhaling into your stomach and exhaling so that it deflates.
2. Let your desires come to mind. What do you wish to manifest in your life? Hold this in your mind.
3. As an example, let’s say you want a new job that relocates you to a different city where you wish to live. Visualize yourself with that position. Be very specific. See yourself in the city and making your way to work. See yourself at work doing your job, and being great at it. See all of your co-workers that are becoming your friends. Visualize laughing together around the copy machine, and having lunch with your boss where she commends you on the excellent work you’ve been doing.
4. Now visualize your home. It’s a beautiful condo with the best city view. Visualize yourself preparing a delicious meal for a few new friends you’ve invited over for dinner. See them arriving with huge smiles as they compliment your home and decor. Smell and taste the food and wine you’re sharing with them. You’re enjoying yourself in this city.
5. This is the most important element of the visualization. You must engage your senses. FEEL every single emotion, the sun on your skin, taste and smell the meals. When you’re visualizing, the primary feeling will be joy, pure happiness with your life,  as you feel happiness due to your new position in this new city, you indulge in the soft, warm sheets after a hard day’s work. You hear the copy machine. You feel the breeze and sun on your skin when you emerge from the subway terminal. You feel elation when your boss praises you for your hard work.

The more you engage your senses when doing a Law of Attraction meditation, the more concrete signals you’ll be sending. Do this every day, and don’t stop until you’ve manifested your dreams. When you do these visualizations, your subconscious will shift into believing and knowing this is possible and will happen for you. Always be alert and looking for signs. Obviously, you’ll be searching for jobs in your desired city, but maybe you overhear a friend talking about how her brother just got a job in the city where you’re conducting your job search. Perhaps you see a flyer for a job fair that offers relocation.

Remember, energy and frequencies are neutral. You get out of this life what you put into it. With that being said, I’ll leave you with the old adage: work smarter, not harder. When you really begin to feel and know you deserve and can have what you want, your dreams will begin manifesting before you know it!

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