Positive Affirmations For Kids

Positive Affirmations for Kids and Tips on Teaching Them

Childhood is a difficult time of life. As a child, you’re trying to navigate and make sense of the world. Who should you listen to, and who has your best interest in mind? As a parent, you want to make sure your kids listen to you and to themselves before anyone else, because you of course, have their best interest in your heart.


Why Using Positive Affirmations for Kids Is so Important

Believe it or not, our world view and belief systems are established when we are young children. This time of life is so crucial, that we make decisions as an adult that are often subconsciously based on the things we learned as children. Maybe your therapist was on to something when she said you can’t accept yourself because you never truly felt accepted by your mother.

All jokes aside, there is some truth here. What we teach are children will be the foundation of their beliefs for the rest of their lives. We’re not the only ones teaching them, though. Kids soak up all kinds of information from their elders, teachers, media, and other children. This is why it is so important to teach your children to internalize positive affirmations. This will help them develop a positive attitude about themselves, and ultimately, a positive outlook on life.


Tips for Teach Positive Affirmations to Your Kids

–Create affirmation cards. Encourage your children to help draw and color these.

–Create a feeling of magic! Tell your children that by saying these magic words, they will become true, but only if they say them at least five times every day. By doing this, you’re essentially teaching your kids the Law of Attraction. Thoughts and words do have their ways of becoming true just because they’ve been thrust upon the Universe. So, in a way, these words really do work like magic.

–Keep the affirmations positive and free of expectations. Rather than affirming, “I am not a bad student,” make it, “I am smart and love learning.” Positive affirmations never contain the word “Not, no, and never” are such powerful words that the subconscious will only absorb the negativity of the statement. Keeping the affirmations free from expectations means you don’t want to say something like, “I can make the basketball team.” This will be counterproductive and promote pressure and anxiety rather than being self-soothing. It’s better to affirm something like, “There are many ways I can have fun.”

–Keep affirmations short, to the point, and in the present tense. Keeping them simple will help your kids internalize them rather than focusing more on memorization. Positive affirmations in the present tense do just that: reinforce that your child is good right now, not that they haven’t achieved goodness yet.

–Make suggestions, but allow your kids to choose their own affirmations. This will ensure that they really resonate with them. It’s also a good idea to change them up every few days or weekly. Ask your children if they feel like the magic has been worked, and if they want to try another affirmation for a while. Revisit past affirmations to keep them fresh.

–Use positive affirmations yourself! Your children will repeat what you say. Sometimes you’re more happy about this than others, so set a good example by reciting your own positive mantras. You’ll fully gain the benefits of positive affirmations along with your kids. You can even use the same ones. Positive affirmations for kids are great for adults too.

–Don’t push your children too hard. If they’re in a bad mood, this isn’t a good time to work on them because you want the affirmations to only be associated with good feelings, never with negativity. If your child prefers to work alone, let them.


25 Positive Affirmations for Kids

  1. I love and accept who I am.
    2. I love learning and am a good student.
    3. My friends like me and have fun playing with me.
    4. I am patient.
    5. I am calm.
    6. I have good manners.
    7. I can do anything I focus my mind on.
    8. I make good choices.
    9. I am a good kid.
    10. Learning is exciting and fun.
    11. I am talented.
    12. I believe in myself, and so do my teachers.
    13. I learn from my mistakes.
    14. I am brave.
    15. Challenges make me stronger. I am strong.
    16. I am healthy.
    17. I am creative.
    18. My family, friends, and teachers love me for who I am.
    19. I am respectful.
    20. I have everything I need.
    21. Everything will be okay.
    22. I am beautiful.
    23. I am happy.
    24. I see the good in everyone.
    25. I am kind.Do you have any additional tips? What positive affirmations for kids do you use?

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