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The people you surround yourself with can also play an important in the success of your life. I mean, we all have witnessed it at some time that when we reach out to someone in the hope that they will help us only to receive no reply. When this happens, it brings a lot of bad emotions such as frustration, depression, and even feeling like a total failure.

But John Assaraf is a man who has managed to overcome a lot of different challenges by just tapping into the power of the mind. And his mission to share the findings with others and to help them reach their goals have earned him a place among popular influencers. Who thought that one could change their life and achieve even the most difficult goals by just working on their thoughts and beliefs? Well, John Assaraf did!

If we look around, it becomes clear that John Assaraf has helped millions of people to reach their goals of wealth, health, and abundance through the books such as “The Store of Your Power” and “The Answer.” Besides his popular books, John Assaraf is also famous for NeuroGym, where he helps people unlock their true potential.

John Assaraf – A Brief Introduction

John Assaraf was born on 14 September 1961 in the USA. By profession, he is an entrepreneur and a brain researcher best known for the book titled “Innercise: The New Science to Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power.” This book was so potent and revolutionary that it managed to find a place among the NY Times best-selling books. In this book, John discussed the science behind unlocking the power of the brain.

Besides writing top-selling books, John Assaraf is also the CEO and founder of NeuroGym, which helps people unlock their brain power and to change their life with it.

John Assaraf – How It Started!

The start of John Assaraf’s career was as a Marketing & SVP sales representative in IPIX corp. From there, he went on to establish Re/Max, but it was the NeuroGym that gained him widespread popularity.

NeuroGym is a brain development and research company that utilizes evidence-based methods for brain training and development. Through the research and methodology of Neurogym, tons of people have unleashed their true mental power and overcame limiting emotional beliefs!

Some of the other achievements that John Assaraf has added to his name include 2 books (NY Times best-selling awards) and multimillion-dollar companies!

The two most famous and best-selling books by John Assaraf are “Quest for Success” and “The Secret.”

John Assaraf Wife

Maria Middaugh Assaraf (Maria Assaraf) is the wife of John Assaraf. Together, the couple has two sons named Noah and Keenan.

Not many people know that Maria Assaraf is also the NeuroGym co-founder. She also supports a lot of foundations that work for children’s issues. Besides that, she is also working on a board of trustees in the Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation. Keeping in view of her leadership spirit, Maria also won an award at the Jenna DruckCenter for “Spirit of Leadership” in 2011.

She is also involved in various charities in the San Diego area, especially the JLMC (Junior League of Mission City). At the JLMC, she is helping them diversify their fundraising streams and maximize the organization’s impact.

John Assaraf Net Worth

According to available information, John Assaraf’s net worth is roughly $80 million, which has earned him a place among the richest people in the world. By profession, John Assaraf is an author, brain researcher, and scientist.

Most of John Assaraf’s net worth can be traced back to NeuroGym, from where he sells a lot of different programs and courses. Considering the unique background of John Assaraf in neurosciences and brain research, it makes sense that his products on NeuroGym are so popular among people who want to improve themselves.

If you look around the web, you will notice a lot of different numbers about John’s net worth. Some pages claim his net worth to be $2 million, while others quote numbers around $200 million. If we look at John Assaraf’s twitter, his bio tells us that he owns many multimillion-dollar companies. Based on this information, it makes sense to believe that his net worth maybe somewhere around the $2 million to $200 million range.

What is NeuroGym?

NeuroGym is an online platform through which John Assaraf has launched a lot of different products. From business to weight loss to gaining wealth, John utilizes a truly unique way to achieve all of these goals. As the name implies, NeuroGym is all about training the neurons in your brain.

John Assaraf’s approach is all about how to get the best potential of your brain power. If you think about it, most of our decisions are made automatically by the brain. And even conscious decisions are still made in the brain, which highlights the power of the brain over our whole body.

Since the brain is the control center of our body, it makes sense to fix it first… Once the brain’s true potential is unlocked, it becomes easy to reach your goals! That’s the basic philosophy behind NeuroGym, and considering how many people have changed their lives with NeuroGym products, there’s no doubt that it actually works as well.

Some of the popular NeuroGym products are:

  • Exceptional Life Coaching – As the name implies, the life coaching from NeuroGym is truly exceptional!
  • Innercise – This will help you to unleash the hidden power of your brain so that you can reach your full potential.
  • Winning the Game of Money – Do you want to accumulate wealth? John believes that it starts with the mind!
  • 7 Days To A Millionaire Mindset – The name tells about itself (it is all about developing a millionaire mindset!).
  • Winning the Game of Weight Loss – Do you want to lose weight, but nothing seems to work? This product helps you to develop the right mindset and thought process for losing weight.
  • Winning the Game of Fear – How to get rid of fears, doubts, stress, and worries.

And so on… You can also view the NeuroGym website to view the different available products.

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