Fear Of Losing Someone

How Fear of Losing Your Partner Endangers Your Relationship

 Love is a gift. A gift that we give to others and a gift they give to us. And to give someone that special gift of love, you need to accept yourself completely, because only then you’ll be able to accept all virtues and flaws of your partner, but finding that kind of love is rare especially in this time of selfishness. So when you find that perfect someone, it seems like you don’t deserve it , that you are not good enough. And soon, you’ll find yourself paralyzed by fear of losing someone you desperately need.

Fear of losing your partner triggers jealousy

There is no love without jealousy. This paradoxical idea has survived for decades, even centuries. Love affects us in a most positive manner. It inspires us to be better in every aspect of life, while jealousy has the fear attached to it. And every fear triggers a different kind of jealousy. Sure the jealousy can be healthy, but this kind is a product of concern rather than fear. Jealousy triggered by fear of losing someone you love can literally destroy your happiness. It becomes an obsession. Soon you will find yourself feeling more and more nervous. And the love your special someone once felt for you will disappear.

What drives this fear?

Fear of losing someone you love is based on personal insecurities. You distrust your qualities and ability to keep your partner. So you seek constant approval. And if you don’t get it, you feel angry and anxious. You see the absence of approval as the absence of love. But even if you get this approval you desperately need, it can distance your partner. Because words are easily spent and soon they become meaningless.
“I love you”. These are the 3 words we all love to hear. But if you repeat them too often, they’ll become routine. By making your partner saying these words, you can make him feel obligated.

The conclusion

As you can see, fear of losing someone you love can endanger your relationship more than you’ve ever thought it can. Because of it, your partner will lose interest in you. So don’t let this fear consume you. Don’t be paranoid. Constantly calling your partner, or sending messages will not make you attractive. It will make you insecure and fearful. What’s worse, this can be perceived as a lack of trust. This will make your partner angry. And the breakup will become inevitable.
So if you don’t want the loss of your partner to be your new reality, let go of fear. Relax and enjoy the moments with your special someone.

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