Winning The Game Of Business Review

Establishing a business and making it work can be a daunting experience. Many hurdles affect the growth of a successful business. These hurdles are not just external; and they can be internal as well in the form of limitations. Sometimes, our mental obstructions limit us from achieving our maximum. To overcome such limitations, it is not the external resources we need but, in fact, the internal forces that we need to activate. “Winning The Game Of Business” is one such training program that teaches us how to train our minds to achieve our goals.


John Assaraf founded this online training service in 2014 after meeting success in his business. From a $0 firm, he raised his company to a whopping $14.7 million in a year. A high-school dropout, he wanted more from life. He researched many books and articles on financial security and finally stumbled upon what he called the Law of Attraction. He discovered that our mind is not limited to what we think, but in fact, it is us who can wire our brain into what we want to think.

John Assaraf Neurogym

John Assaraf worked on the principles of neuroscience and discovered some ways to convince our minds to find ways out of what we think, and this led to the birth of Neurogym, a brain lab, where scientifically-proven methods and technologies are applied to help people expand their mental and emotional power to reach towards their desired goals. He has polished all these strategies into what he calls “Winning the Game of Business.


John Assaraf collaborated with other professional trainers to conduct sessions. These sessions are based on the nature of your goal. There are training that elaborate on methodologies to expand your income or business, while there are simply the ones that teach you how to overcome the mental blocks into believing in your potential.

The simplest session is the Brain-A-Thon, a free online event that features World-Renowned Brain, Mindset, and Emotional Mastery Experts. They share evidence-based methodologies that aim toward strengthening your mental and emotional abilities to optimize your potential for achieving your goals.

Winning The Game of Business is the latest for entrepreneurs. It is a new session that has been introduced on the site and concentrates more upon improving the business rather than on increasing the income.


Often in business, we face some challenging situations where decision-making is of great consequences. Stress and many other factors force us to make wrong decisions. This training session is all about conquering the confusion with powerful decision-influencing techniques to expand your business, and of course, that would result in increased profits.


Winning the Game of Business is based on three levels.

Level 1 is a step-by-step guide on strengthening the foundation of your business. This level has six modules, 1 more than the other two levels, as nothing is possible if the foundation is not strong. John Assaraf will let you redefine your vision, mission, and goals so you can get a better picture of your perfect client. These six modules will help you overcome your confusion and difficulties by revisiting your own goals and taking them up a notch.

Level 2 is all about mapping your processes, right from the banner to the buyer. This level has 5 modules. John Assaraf has designed these 5 modules to help you develop your entire processes according to your desired results. From the perfect sales pitch to content strategy, he will help you find the perfect system.

Level 3 trains you on how to streamline and upscale your business. This level also has 5 modules and is much more technical. At this level, he introduces the methodologies formed at the Neurogym by Neuromarketing and Neurosales.


There are innumerable training sessions offered online to enhance your business strategies. You can watch any of them, but what is the guarantee that they will work out. John Assaraf has applied them to his own business before penning them down as a training plan. In other words, his companies are a practical demonstration of all the training at Neurogym. Winning the Game of Business is a highly successful program; credentials can be viewed at the site, and there are more than 500 successful clients who have registered and shown not just an increased profit but an improved business style. You need to try it to see the results.

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Winning The Game Of Business Review

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