I feel Fat – What Can I Do?

“I feel fat is” one of the phrases that modern people, especially women, use very often. Feeling fat is a specific condition that is very common in women who have finished the treatment of certain kinds of eating disorders. Of course, this is something that people, in general, feel too. Now that you know that feeling fat is not unusual, it is crucial to learn what to do when you feel fat.

Being fat is a condition, not a feeling

Having an “I feel fat” feeling is something that you should take seriously. Whenever you feel fat, you must first identify this feeling. After that, you must acknowledge the fact that this is not actually a feeling. This phrase that many people keep repeating is a simple thought or some sort of auto-suggestion. In addition, feeling fat is usually simpler and more bearable than feeling lonely, angry, frustrated etc. So, in order to find a solution for your answer, you must analyze your emotional state.

Respond wisely

Sometimes our mind is trying to trick us and turn our happy thoughts into negative thoughts by displaying us negative body images. Keep in mind that you are in control of your mind and that you can choose an adequate response. Instead of listening and responding aggressively, you can think about something else and increase self-respect.

The importance of making decisions

Once you learn that you have more than one option and that you don’t have to keep these negative thoughts about your body, you can do something else. In many cases, making a decision is sufficient. Make the decision to stop hating your body.

Put your focus elsewhere

The next time you ask yourself “Why do I feel so fat” it is the best idea to avoid answering this question and to put your focus on something else, something that can bring benefits to you. The fact is that the more time you are spending on fears the larger these fears will become. It won’t take much time before you get obsessed about it.


I feel FatMany people make the same mistake when they start thinking negatively about their body. Namely, most of them are avoiding people in times like this, but this is wrong. By hanging out and socializing with people that are positive, you will forget about your negative thoughts. Being around honest people who accept life with all its positive and negative moments will help you realize that your life is not difficult and that your problem is solvable.


It is very easy to find flaws in any object including your body. However, have you ever thoughts about the positive attributes of your body? In addition, you can focus on your body’s interior (organs and bodily systems).

Accept the things as they are

Fat FeelingIf you are still asking the same question – why do I feel so fat – then you can try accepting your current body image as it is. Try to think about the things that you can do if you use this time for something more productive. If we accept the current situation we can easily find a way to change things.

Now that you know what to do when you feel fat, it is time to take some actions. Implement these changes and start living your life to the maximum.

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